*This post was originally posted 03/12/2015 and later restored to be republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used. It was a follow-up piece to the SAE fraternity caught performing a racist chant while on a bus. The original SAE piece published was not recovered.

I officially stopped fucking with “Morning Joe” on March 11, 2015, and I won’t turn back.

Why? The hosts blamed hip-hop music as the reason as to why non-Blacks feel comfortable using the “n word” so freely because Black rappers use it all the time in their music.

First off, 80% of rap and hip-hop music today is hot garbage.  This is where I ask why is Tyga famous? How did we let him get this far? Anyways.

For one, I don’t see why the world is acting surprised that another set of white people are using the n-word. Whites say it. Blacks say it. But it always comes down to who gets to say it. But it’s all in context, right? Right.

According to the hosts and panelists on “Morning Joe”: Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol, and some other white men, placed blamed on rap music as the conception of the word “nigger”. Really? So y’all really going to act like people started saying nigga/er after N.W.A came out? Okay.

Here is a little nugget of information that not a single person on that panel mentioned. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is over 100-years-old, 159 to be exact. This fraternity was found in 18-fucking-56–five years before the Civil War. A war that divided the country because one region didn’t want to give up cotton pickers! And y’all have the AUDACITY to sit on your morning talk show and name drop rappers—Jay-Z and Waka Flaka Flame—as the reason white students know what a “nigger” even is? How dare you. How do you navigate through life that grown, that ignorant, that insensitive?

What Flaka did was right. He stood up for his Black community and decided that performing at a school that was in the center of controversy wasn’t worth a check. You mean to tell me that he should have ignored it and performed at a school that if given the opportunity rather see him hung from a tree than in some Greek letters. I don’t see Macklemore performing at Howard University.

If the talking heads on “Morning Joe” were attempting to make Black people shameful in their use of the n-word, it failed. Miserably. Why would you prosecute a part of black culture like that? Why would you insult our intelligence? When was the last time national headlines were made because a Black person said “cracker” and feelings got hurt? Google it for me.