February 26, 2017

Let Us Stop Makeup Shaming People

stop makeup shaming women

*This post was originally posted 10/13/2015 and later restored, reedited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.

There is body shaming, fat shaming, victim blaming, slut shaming, and now we welcome makeup shaming.

Makeup shaming: The act of ridiculing a female who appears to have used beauty products to aesthetically enhance or alter her physical appearance, particularly, on her face. That’s my own modest definition. But version number two is: saying dumb shit about females who appear to wear excessive makeup. 

I read a BuzzFeed article the other day about a young woman who spoke out after her beauty transition picture went viral and attracted comments such as, “and this is why i have trust issues. #Fake, at least she’s hot in makeup i’d bang that hoe smh nigga.” I don’t know why he added the “nigga” in there but I guess that’s a new way to end sentences now, nigga.

That comment came from Samy Irssak, who I guess is a DJ or something. According to his one million plus likes on Facebook, I guess he’s some type of relevant. But according to that caption he’s all types of delusional; as the many males who have fallen by the wayside in logic.

Is that what we’re doing now? Calling females who wear makeup deceitful and imposing that they’re hiding behind a $30 bottle of MAC Studio Fix?

Women. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. When we play by our own rules, we’re bitches. And when we want to wear makeup, we’re insecure. Makeup is no problem when we’re gassing up dudes egos with their tired ass pickup lines; then, we’re worth another round of cheap shots. Ay dios mios.

This is why we cannot give misogynistic-macho-juvenille boys and men the internet. Because they start to berate women for being women and next thing you know women follow suit. And let’s be honest, by this standard men can’t wear makeup because it’s gay and women can’t wear makeup because it’s lying.

Whenever I hear or see a dude complain about a woman wearing makeup, I truly become concerned about his mental wellbeing. Do you really believe her lips are sparkling blue naturally, eyelids glisten of golds and purples, naturally? Do you really believe she woke up like dis?????

A best friend of mine used Facebook to sound off at this notion of testing a woman’s swim ability on the first date as the best bet to whether a relationship can sink or swim—depending on how much makeup she’s wearing.  Typically, I don’t comment on posts because I tend to like to make people feel stupid, but I couldn’t help myself after I read the comments left by some of the fellas’.

Boy one: “If you look the same with or without make up then why where it. Make up makes you look better than what you are and the reason why a lot of men don’t like it because we feel as if it is false advertising. Similar to a guy being 6ft tall and muscles but when yall get home he unzips and turns out he is 5’7 and skinny, with acne. Same effect. To each it’s own tho.”

Boy two: “She look better without the make up if you ask me. Also make up is just like a necklace or bracelet it’s an accessory. Even clothes if you will.”

No one looks the same with a full face makeup on; yes, there is a difference.  I’m pretty sure as women we don’t expect to start off as Celie and finish Olivia Pope. But that’s the fascinating magic of a kabuki brush and full coverage foundation. You can finish looking like you can give Beyonce a solid run for her money with the help of a little foundation here, concealer there and a dab of lipstick. Do we sometimes go overboard? Absolutely. Do we need to hear our worst enemy becomes a wet hand rag? No.

“False advertising”

Makeup is false advertising? I’ll insert here the professing philosophy that women bodies’ are commodities because then why compare it as if we are a product and you are the consumer. The man who sued Red Bull because after drinking a beverage and failed to grow wings yelled false advertising. It is very important we know when, where and how to use metaphors.

Now to my favorite part. I don’t know how in the hell a guy can conceal height and muscles with going unnoticed but that is in no way shape or form the same as wearing makeup. The only times those worked were when Spongebob took Pearl to the dance and when he ordered blow up biceps to impress Sandy and even then he couldn’t pull it off.

Telling a woman she’s beautiful even without makeup is the equivalent to telling someone who finished last in a race they’re still a winner. It’s a confidence boost and you normally say it to make them feel better.

*At this point I can feel my lungs fill up with coffee beans and I’ve been in Starbucks too long*

Makeup is, ESPECIALLY when well done, a work of art. Believe it or not, it takes skill to have a flawless “beat”. However trivial or impressive it may be, wearing makeup is more than trying to look cute—it’s about creativity. There are women who wear it as a facade of confidence and those who put it on because they damn well please (raises hand).

In my honest opinion when men complain that a woman wears too much makeup it makes you seem just as unattractive as you find makeup does for women. It isn’t about someone looking good with or without, it’s a part of being a woman. How to spitting is presumed into manhood. You don’t have to like it, but it’s just the nature of it and none of us have the right to make anyone feel guilty, shameful, ugly or insecure for simply wanting to look good. Shaming women for something you simply don’t like which can be easily washed off with water is stupid. For every bottle of foundation there’s a bottle of remover, soap and cleansing wipes; so, believe me when I say we know how to put it on and take it off.

But then again if you do take us swimming, just hope we didn’t find the waterproof products.




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