February 25, 2017

Rachel Dolezal Broke the Internet

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*This post was originally posted 06/15/2015 and later restored, reedited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.

I American’t right now.

Journalist version

Spokane, Wash.– President of Spokane NAACP chapter, Rachel Dolezal, lived a life of a black women for the past two decades until exposed by biological parents as white.

Rachel, 37, identifies herself as a black women until recent investigations in hate crime cases brought forth to Spokane police the questioned legitimacy of Rachel’s race.

Born in Montana, Rachel is the daughter of Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, but kept them secret for 20 years as photos she published online would acknowledge a black man, Albert Wilkinson, as her real father.

Hate mail Rachel received back in February and March brought to the police department’s attention failed to trace where the packages came from since none bore a postmark or barcode. Postal workers said without those markings it was impossible the mail came through the post office, leaving the only other probable option of being placed directly in her mailbox. Many of her reported eight hate crimes cased closed due to insufficient evidence.

A video interview with Rachel by a reporter from KLXY4 asked her whether she was white or African American after Rachel’s biological parents told the publication she was there daughter.

She is seen visibly flustered and walks away from the reporter after being asked if her parents are white.

“It’s very sad that Rachel has not just been herself….she would have been more effective if she had just been honest with everybody,” said Ruthanne Dolezal.

Her mother says their racial roots are Czech, Swedish and German. In the past Racheal marked her race as Black, white and Native American on applications.

Her own father believes she mislead Howard University to believe she was black and her assimilation into the black culture started at the historically black college.

Two of her four adopted siblings, Ezra and Zach Dolezal, said her identity is essentially “creating more racism” comparing it to early 20th century black face and described it as a “farce”.

The Real Deal

The irony: Watching “Will & Grace” and it’s the episode where Jack thinks he’s Black.

First let’s get into Keri Hilson’s tweets, which I found slightly disturbing. (FYI: I love me some Miss Keri baby) When you try to justify someone’s wrongdoings by telling people to overlook them because you believe the good outweighs the bad—without even addressing the bad—you don’t need to finish your statement.

Listen, posing as a Black person will not get you clout in the Black community. Did J. Cole’s “be you-tiful” mean nothing to you people?

Ms. Dolezal revamped the Spokane NAACP chapter as president. She serves as chair for the Office of Police Ombudsman Commission and was former education director of Human Rights Education Institute in Coeur, d’Alene. She is a mover and shaker in the black community and human rights domestically and abroad.

I’ll start with why I am not #TeamRachel.

No one is trying to take away her successes and accomplishments. She is a pioneer for African American and civil rights. I don’t agree with her losing any positions she currently holds. However, I do believe she owes the same community she advocates for an explanation as to why calls herself a Black woman when she cannot confirm traces of African ancestry are in her DNA. When you acknowledge that Black people are discriminated against and you reconstruct your identify to that of a Black woman and later say you were discriminated against because of your race… you know what never mind. I’m not even about to go there!

I will not entertain the belief Rachel suffers from “born in the wrong body” identity crisis and I will leave this concept of “transracial” in 2015. Racial identity and sexual identity do not correlate. Stop making shit up. That is apples and oranges to me (I do, however, understand the concept). All of a sudden it’s cool to be Black now? Ok America, ok. That hashtag #wrongrace is dumb, point blank. What does it mean to be black? How does black look? How does it smell? How does it sound? How does it move? How does one evoke blackness? How do your internal organs know you’re black? How does your brain function as a black person? Do we know as people that biological differences and cultural differences are different?

This isn’t about being insensitive towards someone who feels she is trapped in the wrong body, this is a case of blatant deceit. This is a woman who travelled the country and gave speeches of her black life as a life of a Black woman not because she had to do research to complete her doctoral thesis but because at some point in her life she was bored with being white. This is a woman who has profited off her Black life. This is a woman who fabricated her entire Black life.

Rachel stated her parents abused her as a child along with her siblings based on their skin tones. This woman pulled on the heartstrings of those who not only felt her pain but those who suffered physical abuse at the hands of their parents with her stories of how a baboon whip—similar to what was used on slaves—leaves scars on the body. She revealed memories of how her family hunted for food with bows and arrows and lived in teepees.

Her resume alone is so extensive as an activist could we not be disturbed by the fact for the last twenty years she has been an undercover chick? It’s extremely manipulative and genius and you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to apply your cocoa foundation to think I’ll submit that easily. How many people applied to be president of the Spokane NAACP chapter but were looked over? (Rachel has since resigned from her position) You don’t need to be Black to fight the cause. You don’t need to be Black to teach an African course, but it absolutely would help your credibility. Think about all her students who knew her as Professor Dolezal. You don’t take away her accountability, you make her accountable.

But in America you can be whoever you want to be and Rachel Dolezal is the new transracial hero. You and I will deal.

“She believes that the creative process is part of what makes us human and unifies our self-identity with the world around us.” I find this so uncannily perfect.

(This comes from her biography on East Washington University)




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