Waco Shooting Described As Brouhaha and Other Safe...

Waco Shooting Described As Brouhaha and Other Safe Nouns

The shooting in Waco, Texas left nine dead, 18 injured and 200 arrested did not surprise me. The blasé reaction nationwide is what did.

The headlines read “biker gang”, but how do you treat a gang that just left a bloodbath at a shopping center? When do we stop being afraid to admit what’s real and ignoring what’s wrong? When do we admit that Americans don’t like Americans based off skin color, religion, or their memberships to bike clubs?

But you know what really trips me out? The way CNN reported the story by calling it a “brouhaha”. White men kill one another because they couldn’t settle their differences peacefully and it gets called  “a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.” Call it what it was–a massacre. You address the severity of violence; you don’t undermine it with poor word choices.

“By the time the Sunday melee was over, at least nine people were dead, 18 were hospitalized and at least 170 were arrested and charged.” (actual quote from original CNN article)

A “melee”? Who writes this shit? Was there a noun shortage? It got worse.

The CNN article described the crime scene that took place as a “brouhaha”, “melee” and “fracas”, but the brouhaha really was the icing on the cake. Two writers who worked in the field of journalism for years used their wits to say that these five gangs had a good ole fashioned brouhaha.

Besides the poor choice of wording to explain this tragedy, I’ll troll and say I am waiting for the white on white crime research reports to do numbers.

People were beaten to death with brass knuckles,  shot, and stabbed—people died. Who is going to be the courageous soul that says these men are a product of their environment? Who is going to start the #whitelivesmatter march?

Listen, you mean to tell me the police department knew of Twin Peaks as a placed frequented by biker gangs with prior violent altercations and was anticipating something brouhaha-ee to go down by placing about 20 police officers in uniforms with squad cars on the scene and all this STILL went down?!?!

Then, the bikers turned their weapons on the arriving police officers, who returned bullets for bullets AND managed to confiscate (I assume safely) over 100 weapons. To your brouhaha, I up you with shindig.


CNN edited the original story,  “brouhaha” nor “fracas” are now omitted. However, Slate caught it. Local stations picked up CNN Wire story if you want to read it, like Fox’s KDVR-TV.


(*This post was originally posted 05/21/2015 and later restored, edited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.)





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