My AutoCorrect Knows tomi lauren Needs to be Corre...

My AutoCorrect Knows tomi lauren Needs to be Corrected

My AutoCorrect keeps trying to correct “tomi” to “toni”. Maybe it’s right. Maybe he entire existence is just….wrong.

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Credit: TMZ

Let this be said first:

I had an entire post completed and ready to publish since earlier this week. Then, I saw a picture of Trevor Noah and tomi lahren wining and dining after their infamous Daily Show interview. So, I’m still going to leave the post as I originally wrote it, but I’m giving hella strong side-eyes now. I get being cordial, but meeting up for drinks and sending cupcakes as gifts is sketch AF Trevor. 

Let this be said second:

I’m aware I’m not using proper punctuation by lowercasing names; I don’t use capitalization on those I don’t respect. It’s the least I could do to show respect.

If you’ve heard the name tomi lahren and keep up to date with mainstream media you’ll know she’s the host of The Blaze where she whines about people whining. At this point in this post, I paused for about five minutes to meditate on my opinion about tomi. Findings: absolutely nothing. Blanks, just blanks. I see and hear the blonde talking, but I don’t see and hear the blonde talking. Which brings me to point of part one in this post: I’m two seconds from letting autocorrect be great and just substitute “tomi” for “toni”. Yea, I watched her interview with Trevor on The Daily Show.

It’s not that I hold an abhorrence towards tomi because she’s a Republican, homegirl just doesn’t make sense… many Republicans. Here are 10 times tomi lahren made no damn sense in her interview on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

10 Times tomi lahren Failed to Make Sense:

  1. When she thought this interview was a good idea.
  2. When she said donald trump’s words don’t affect her as much as Hillary Clinton’s actions.
  3. When she criticized Colin Kaepernick for using his First Amendment rights to kneel during the national anthem. Then said she’s using her First Amendment rights to critique his kneeling by saying it wasn’t the “right way” to protest by using the flag and anthem as an “outlet”.
  4. When she compared BLM to the KKK.
  5. When she said, “I don’t see color.”
  6. When she said I don’t like labels, but labeled herself a Millennial.
  7. When she cited the terrorist attack in Dallas where five officers were killed as an act of BLM.
  8. When she said Hillary is “as white as they come.”
  9. When she said illegal immigrants don’t have the right to complain since they’re “cutting the line” to immigrants doing it “the right way.”
  10. When she made a misogynistic and rape comment about Hillary.

Let me digress on all that.

It doesn’t bother you trump made sexist comments about women (his own offspring for goodness sake) and has active sexual assault and discrimination cases against him because his words were mere, words? Bih bye.

Colin Kaepernick didn’t use the flag and anthem as his protest “outlet” he used a football game that simultaneously is his profession. If kneeling during the anthem is the wrong way to protest by all means please tell us the right way. Please inform Black people how we need to ask for equal liberties.

Saying BLM emboldens protestors to riot, loot and assault the police discredits the entire movement based on a number of uncountable miscreants. Comparing them to an organization that hung Blacks from trees, set their bodies on fire, has a history of mutilating its victims, broke them out of jail JUST lynch them, and chanted “white power” while burning crosses to oppress an entire race for decades is fucking incomparable. Saying “white power” creates fear, saying “black power” confronts the fear. How dare you?

Saying “I don’t see color” is such bullshit when your beliefs are based on the color of the people committing the actions.

You don’t disassociate yourself from labels to immediately follow by saying you’re a Millennial—a label.

I still find it convenient that when the nation is rising up against police brutality a terror attack that claimed the lives of five police officers and produces vigilante, Micah X, it needs to be looked at with a microscope.

First, tomi said she wasn’t a racist because she doesn’t see color. Second, she said Hillary Clinton is “as white as they come.” So, you obviously see in color. What does that even mean? So you can be extra-extra white?

When she said illegal immigrants don’t have the right to complain since they’re sneaking in our country, breaking the laws and stealing the “American dream” (whatever that is) away from refugees waiting for citizenship, it made me question who has the right to complain. Because when people who are natural born Americans “complain” about issues like inequality, sexism, etc. they’re called “crybabies” or “whiners”. Plus let’s not act like it’s a 30-day process to gain citizenship.

Virtually unmoved by anything tomi said, I thought she was actually going to finish an entire interview without low blows. She came close, so close. When Trevor made an innuendo on trump’s sexual assault case of “touching people” tomi said how Hillary could use some of that since Bill Clinton is busy. It was classless, stupid and fucked up.

Don’t believe me, watch the interview here.

Can I rant some more? Pweeeaaaassseee??

Ronald Gasser shot Joe McKnight three times killing him, stayed at the scene, and confessed just to be released the next day with no charges. How America?!?!? What a no fucks given to the McKnight family.

Not only did gasser dodge a misdemeanor assault case from 10 years ago when he followed the victim and prompted a physical altercation, but the case was dropped. Why? Who fucking knows. 

Every time a POC is murdered the media bombards us with their past criminal record and why charges A to Z are relevant at the time of their death. They did it to Alton Sterling when he was killed by police in July in Baton Rouge, La. The media disseminated his criminal history dating back to 1996 to give a backstory on why all his past offenses were germane to the present. We’re not talking about someone with unpaid parking tickets. So don’t tell me that McKnight’s killer prior assault case in 2006 is not pertinent to what happened in 2016 when both altercations involve the same man. The first victim lived to call the police; the second victim died on the street.

P.S. If anyone is thinking of coming for me based on this post and any post, ever, don’t. I will get petty. I will use facts.


*This post was originally posted 12/08/2016 and later restored, reedited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.





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