Colin Kaepernick Is Still Being Blacklisted

Colin Kaepernick Is Still Being Blacklisted

If you have so much to say about Colin Kaepernick not standing up during the national anthem to bring attention to police brutality, what do you have to say about police brutality?

I don’t know much about Colin Kaepernick’s football career. I couldn’t tell you how many touchdowns made it to the end zone, what college he attended before going pro or how many teams he played on prior to starting for the San Francisco 49ers. But what I can tell you is I have his back.

We live in a country where a man can use his platform to bring attention to the unfair treatment of marginalized Americans in America and be hated for it. And in that same country,  an American Olympian goes to another country, vandalize property that includes public urination, come back to his home country and lie to Americans that he was robbed at gunpoint and gets empathy.

The difference is one was called un-American and the other was called a “kid”. The difference is one is brown and the other is not. You have two men, two athletes, both in the same age bracket, and both having white parents; yet, skin color is the biggest difference.

You mean to tell me that we’re more offended by a man who calls out police brutality compared to a man who blatantly lied about his life being in danger; although, he broke a law? This is the country we live in.

Colin Kaepernick has been condemned, ostracized and shamed because he stands for something and people don’t like it because when you stand for something it means you won’t fall for anything.

We live in the country where you can call the Obama family any name in the book but people and not be punished. That is you Colin Kaepernicking. We live in a country where you can openly vocalize your disgust for our nation’s leader and not be sentenced to jail. That is you Colin Kaepernicking. We live in a county where you can burn the nation’s flag and not receive a citation. That is you Colin Kapernicking. We live in a country where you can wear a jacket that reads “FUCK THE DRAFT. STOP THE WAR.” and be protected by the 1st Amendment. That is you Colin Kaepernicking. What did Colin Kaepernick do? He exercised his 1st Amendment right as an American citizen to not stand during the national anthem, which in pure honesty is a social norm. FYI:  It is not against the law if you don’t stand.

It is not entirely true that our country’s veterans died in war for us to have the right to stand for a song. A song that took over 100 years to officially become the national anthem. That would mean every war, every troop, and every death was for a song. That would mean every war would have been a civil war as what would Vietnam and Germany have to do with our 13 colonies and 50 states? That is how people fall for anything. We live in a country where someone who has absolutely no background in politics or government can wake up and decide to run for president because he’s bored as a real estate tycoon.

If you have so much to say about Colin Kaepernick not standing up during the national anthem to bring attention to police brutality, what do you have to say about police brutality? Or do you not care? Unfortunately, him not standing at all overshadows the reason behind it. Here’s my simple response to the “Our veterans fought and died for you to stand up,” one-liner.

Veterans fought and died for me to sit down.

What’s the difference? You see how elementary that sounds? That’s a not a good argument people. You say stand, I say sit. Let us not downplay the true acts of bravery and heroism our veterans displayed during their years of active duty to cardio people.

If you have an issue with Colin sitting down during the national anthem, I’m going to need to hear your two cents about 17-year-old Laquan McDonald fatally shot 16 times by Chicago police. I want to hear your two cents about Brock Turner getting released from prison early after only serving 3 months of comfy a 6 months sentence in time to catch some Labor Day barbeques. I need you to understand that the national anthem was penned by a man who acquired wealth from slavery. I’m just saying.

Ryan Lochte, 32, can be a kid but Colin, 28, is the adult? Ryan Lochte is rewarded with a spot on “Dancing with the Stars” after lying about having a gun put to his head, ditching his fellow teammates in Brazil to later recant the story as false and blame his behavior on the alcohol. Ok America.

Brock Turner doesn’t even spend half a year in jail; although, the crime comes with a 10-year sentence because the judge thinks jail would ruin his life. I’m sure he and Judge Persky hobnobbed over a Budweiser and a Ball Park this weekend. Ok America.

Colin, just know more stand with you than against you, know you are American, and know I have your back.

*This post was originally posted 09/06/2016 and later restored, edited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.





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