Donald Trump Is Your President, Not Mines

Donald Trump Is Your President, Not Mines

I’m like a deadbeat parent when it comes to donald trump; I ain’t claiming him.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve internally searched for the right things to say. Should I blame anyone, any group of people directly (the 2520s)? Hmmm.

Hell no.

In past eight years, the Obamas dealt with America’s shit and I won’t support a president who practically harassed his predecessor to publicize his birth certificate to prove he wasn’t a Muslim immigrant.  I did not elect this man, I did not vote for this man, I had no hand in putting this man into the White House.

Darkness triumphed light in this election. Not because evil always wins, but there are just way too many hateful ass humans on this planet. I don’t want to hear the bullshit of American citizens wanting to destabilize the government with change and revolution. There is nothing more destabilizing than having the first woman president proceed the first Black president.

I don’t want to hear shit about donald trump being a successful billionaire businessman. He was born into a wealthy family.

Granted I don’t care much for Hillary and felt both candidates came with a vault of secrets, lies, corruption, swindling, and whiteness; however, she deserved my vote. This woman put over two decades worth of work into politics to run for president and lose to a man who said he can shoot someone and not lose voters. You don’t put over two decades worth of work into politics to run for president and lose to a man who was sued by students of his “trump university” because it basically ain’t taught them shit. She did not deserve to lose to someone who has a rape case against them. How do you lose the presidency to the human equivalent of a Cheeto? How are you married to a former president of America and lose? But in America—white America—you do. People rather put a man into office who gave a green light to xenophobia, racism, and sexism to make America great again like Negroes and Native Americans were just imaginary friends.

Anyone who was qualified to vote but chose not to, you are on mute. You can’t sit with us voters. Why? Because your contribution does not exist anywhere. Not for the Democrats, not for the Republicans, not even for third parties. Your opinion, like Black lives to tomi lahren, doesn’t matter. Trust me, I wanted Bernie Sanders. But, since his own party left him hanging I voted for the person who wasn’t gung-ho on this idea of building a billion dollar border. There is no argument you can make that will get me to understand why you opted out your vote in 2016. Nope. I refuse to let the GOP run Congress, Senate, AND the White House.

Hillary lost by 177,529 votes in North Carolina and by 11,837 votes in Michigan.

Exit Polls results: Link 1. Link 2. Link 3. 

Bragging about not voting like you have hit such a philosophical peak of wokeness is embarrassing. You aren’t saying anything our (grand) parents ain’t been saying. Not voting is not an answer, it’s not a solution, it’s not a “eureka!” moment. It’s about ineffective as not wearing a condom. Whatever you were trying to prevent by not utilizing its usefulness was useless. So whether you’re blood, stranger, cashier ringing up my groceries, or teller at the bank don’t try and engage with my voting ass.

I’m not even going to give you the egg salad sandwich I know I’m not going to eat because I hate egg salad sandwiches but I just don’t want you to have it. Even though I don’t like egg salad sandwiches and I could give you my egg salad sandwich because it would just go in the trash anyways. I rather it sits there……unaccounted for, uneaten.

But you know what I am waiting for America to do: Give me my forty acres of “thank you’s.” Ninety-four percent of Black woman voted for Hillary. Eighty-eight percent of the Black votes went to HRC. I want a voucher for voting that’s valid of perpetuity to be used anywhere, anytime and any place, like rent. I need this voucher to pay for an expedited passport with one complimentary round trip airline ticket to a destination of choice.

Presently and for the next four years, (or until trump gets bored) my president is Thomas J. Whitmore.

That speech from Independence Day was so damn good that every time I watch it I think we’re actually in a war against aliens. Y’all know donald trump will not sacrifice his life for us against extraterrestrials. He damn near doesn’t want to be around Mexicans, Blacks, immigrants, or women if he ain’t grabbing them by the pussy.

Oh, yea I de-capitalize folks I don’t respect like little wayne, tomi lahren, donald trump and arby’s.


*This post was originally posted 11/22/2016 and later restored, re-edited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.




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