My Edges Don’t Want To Be Laid or On Fleek

True Life: I Have Unruly Edges

In my life toothbrushes serve one purpose: To brush my teeth.

I was scrolling through IG and I saw this picture from one of my hair idols–Jessica Pettway–and felt compelled to live in my truth about my unruly edges.

un•ruly ed•ges |ˌənˈro͞olē| |ejs | – a disrespectful hairline


Finally! Someone unashamed to put their frizzy edges on IG free of edge-control. Let’s be real: Laying baby hairs as a grown woman shouldn’t be that serious. Now you may be thinking that I sound a wee bit salty, but not even close.  I accepted my edges just aren’t meant to be laid and they don’t want to join baby hair nation (BHN) and refuse to get in formation.

In the years I’ve been natural, my hairline has never been laid to the gawds.  Eventually, I got fed up with trying to tame something that just wanted to be untamed. There is no point in fighting a battle you know you’re going to lose.

“If you can’t beat the edges, free the edges.”

-Modern Day Kay

Things My Edges Said to Me:

“Girl go to work.”


“You got brush harder than that.”

“Is you finished or is you done?”

I know I’ll be the only chick at the party stress-free knowing my edges won’t sweat out. I know that in 100-degree weather, edge paste/gel/jam/glue/plaster/gunk won’t drip down my face. Corporate America has no choice but to accept Frizzy Edge Gang (FEG).  I think I’m going to trademark that, we need a fancy hand sign or something. These ladies are in FEG and representing #FEGNation. Matter of fact this is my hairline every time I approach with a brush, edge-control and spray bottle:

I know having baby hairs is trendy, but for me it’s unrealistic. Do you know how much edge control I would have caked up on my forehead? Just like I learned how to love my A cup breast too, I learned how to love my frizzy edges.

Beady beads baby, beady beads.


*This post was originally posted 11/02/2016 and later restored, re-edited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.