March 15, 2017

Fuckboys Will Fuck You Up, Don’t Get Caught Up

living in a fuckboys world

*This post was originally posted 04/01/2016 and later restored, reedited and republished. Read about that here. It may or may not contain original photos used.

Women. Lord have mercy on us, we just can’t get a break.

If it’s not someone telling us how we should handle the fetus in our uterus, we’re being told what not to wear to attract rapists.

Normally I can give two shits about what’s going on in celebrities’ lives. But I low-key found myself caring about two hot topics floating around the web this week: 1) Nick Young admitted cheating on Iggy Azalea and 2) Kehlani allegedly cheating on Kyrie Irving. It’s not that I care for the four individuals, it’s the treatment of these four that got my interest.

Basically, Nick was caught on video—recorded by a teammate—admitting to sleeping around while engaged to Iggy. Poor Iggy and poor Nick; they’re just an awkward ass couple and Iggy has been on a downward spiral of L’s since the world woke up and realized homegirl can’t really rap and that video of her “rapping” or as I like to say “literally spitting in a mic” went viral. Anyways, the world is capping for Nick because his teammate, D’Angelo Russell, supposedly leaked the video and now the Lakers camaraderie is broken and no one feels he can be trusted. Boo fucking hoo.

Now on to Kehlani and nem. (I hope I get this all right because I did not Wiki their bios)

Okay, Kehlani’s ex-boyfriend, PartyNextDoor (I don’t know his real name), posted a picture of Kehlani in his bed with caption along the lines of “something something something the singer is back in my bed”, but supposedly she’s dating Kyrie (didn’t care to Google his team). Kehlani got trolled and next thing you know she’s in the hospital for attempted suicide. Then posts pictures from the hospital bed, saying she did not attempt suicide for attention and the PartyNextDoor dude saved her life. I’ll take a moment to address the seriousness of suicide and self-harm and how nothing about her feeling as if life wasn’t worth living is comical. My interest is merely in the image of both women in these stories, simply the women.

Let me get this straight. Nick Young can cheat on his fiancé, have no problem discussing his infidelities and the only person labeled disloyal is his teammate because he broke some “bro-code”. So instead of us telling Iggy to leave his cheating ass, we rather send the message that men just cheat and stick it out because he’s rich? So, D’Angelo gets shunned for revealing Nick’s infidelities, who gets a pass because his teammate recorded him without his consent. Nah. He cheated because he wanted to, talked about it and got caught. It’s not only cheating if you’re caught. It’s cheating if you do anything outside of your marriage and/or relationship with anyone who by marriage license or Facebook status is not your partner.

Kehlani supposedly cheated on Kyrie simply because PartyNextDoor uploaded a picture on Instagram of them two together. Let’s not act as if the photo was time-stamped and let’s take note that PND’s childish ways lead to someone ending up in a hospital bed on suicide watch. I’m going to need some blame to go to the person who posted the photo that started it all.

See that’s the thing about protecting yourself when you enter a relationship (which I go in more detail here) because you can invest a great deal of yourself that when shit hits the fan you lose yourself. This Kehlani love affair story is a perfect example. Whether Kehlani already had a lot going on in her life, what sent her over the edge was an action done by someone else and she’s taking blame for it. She can’t help who she fell in love with, she’s young! She’s dating, which isn’t a bad thing when you’re 20-years-old with a hectic work life. But she obviously put too much trust in a person who in a 24-hour cycle had some hand in her suicide attempt. The same person she said, “saved her life” is the same person who instigated the world terrorizing her on social media.

Women (can)not do what men do. We just witnessed Kehlani get called a ho collectively while we have word from the horses mouth (Nick) the horse was hoeing. So Kehlani’s a wench, D’Angelo’s a snitch, Nick’s a victim and Kyrie a saint. Nah b, I’m not bout to let the girl take the L for a fuckboy and boy that may or may not be a fuck boy too.

Then you have celebrities chiming in like their milk clean. The last person who needs to be talking about anyone cheating is Chris Brown. It’s almost offensive that he finds himself entitled to an opinion. Not only did he sample Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” in thee worst way, he admitted to cheating on Karrueche with multiple women but name dropped her as if that’s the most chivalrous thing on the planet and will somehow erase all the Georgia peaches and girls in elevators in Decatur. This is a man who cheated on his girlfriend (multiple times), got one pregnant and then hid the baby from her. Boy bye!!! You don’t get to speak.

I’m not going call D’Angelo a snitch for Nick snitching on himself. Hold up, does telling on oneself constitute as snitching? Nick snitched on his gahdamn self and D’Angelo just made sure his camera worked.

Kehlani, stay strong and maybe single for a bit.

PartyNextDoor, ……….what’s your real name?

Kyrie, you ain’t innocent.

Iggy, stay strong and…..off microphones and stages and anything else regarding rap music. Okay, music in general.

D’Angelo, get some real friends.

Nick, you a fuckboy.

Fuckboys will fuck you up.



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