I Love My Small Breasts, They’re Awesome

Listen, having small breast in a world of Kim Kardashians, Amber Roses, Blac Chynas and other big boogie women is tough.

Before we begin, can I say I’m proud of the artwork I created for this post. Okay, carry on.

Listen, having small breast in a world of Kim Kardashians, Amber Roses, Blac Chynas and other big boogie women is tough. Nice racks are not generational in my family.

I’ve always been slim. Growing up I was called “skinny” ALL. THE. TIME and I HATED IT. The word was used to hurt me and I will admit that even to this day it has a negative connotation for me and I cringe when someone calls me that (especially strangers). I hate it so much I omit skinny out my list adjectives.

Not only was I “skinny” but the tissue fat in my chest was like, “Ain’t nothing happening here.” So no, that growth spurt that happens when you reach puberty and your butt grows, hips spread, thighs expand and breast gains some cups, I think I’m still waiting on that. I think my mom let me get bras as a tween just for the hell of it.  To be honest, I still may be in the training bra stage. What the hell is a training bra? What exactly are you training?

In middle school, I remember feeling uneasy when changing in the locker room during gym class because my breasts were so small. There was literally space in my bra. Why I ‘m using my bar as a spare change purse, I don’t know.

Mosquito bites. Flat chested. Itty Bitty Titty Committee (IBTC). Mhm, yeap those words were on repeat in my younger days as I stood out amongst my classmates and friends who had something I didn’t—boobs! But I’m grown now and in the past years, I learned to love my A cup breast. For starters, I’ve had to accept I just wasn’t meant to have tig ole bitties. I had to learn that although I couldn’t do that bounce trick, which looks rather painful, I am still a FULL woman.

Everything on my body had to come with time and appreciation. When I was younger, I vowed I would get a nose and boob job because those were the two areas of my body I hated the most. My nose was too big and my breast too small. Well then there’s that episode of “True Life” when the man got calf implants; I wanted that too.

But what happens you don’t have what you really want? You began to appreciate all that you do. Maybe I am just not meant to have big breast. Maybe I’m just not meant to have a small nose. Be grateful for what you have, you may have it for a reason. I had to start looking at the beauty in my natural body, not purposefully looking for the ugly features.

So that meant I had to see my small breast as I badge of honor and be proud of the skin I’m in. I had to stop counting the disadvantages to having small breast (that bounce thing) and count the advantages to why A cups are a good thing. Why wait on someone to say you’re beautiful when you can do it yourself! Three reasons I love my small breast:

1. I sparingly buy bras

I don’t know what it’s like to actually plan on going bra shopping. If I see one I like, I get it but I’m rotating like four bras because that’s all I really need. I mean I have more than 4 but do I reeeaaallllly need them? Those Victoria Secret semi-annual sales are for the birds. I’ve only found one good bra at those sales. One time I went to one of those sales and it was like 2 bras in the A cup bin. A cups get no love!

2. Bras hurt

You know what doesn’t hurt? Socks. Why? Because socks aren’t lined with wires and padded to give you three times your actual shoe size. I bought a bra so padded once, it not only hurt but I swear it flattened them even more.

3. Rihanna doesn’t like to wear bras.


I think my A cup sisters can agree the seconds we save getting dressed by omitting the bra gives us more lotion time. When was the last time you seen an ashy small-breasted woman? Exactly. One time my best friend literally took off her bra as we crossed the street. I was amazed, floored, and needed to beat her time. She did it so quick yet discreet, I knew only a small-breasted woman could master that technique.

It’s important that we openly and loudly discuss that not all bodies are created equal. It’s the beauty living in a heterogeneous society; we can be different, we are different. As women, we can admire one another’s physique without being envious. I can look at Amber Rose and admire her curves but still love mines. I also had to find women whose body shape is similar to mines and embrace their confidence: Aaliyah & Teyana Taylor. When I look at those women, lawd, lawd, LAWD!

Purge your undergarments drawer. Sports bras. Pssssh! Plunge bra. Pssssh! Push up bra. Pssssh! Back pains. Pssssh! Knowing a guy is paying attention to my face and not staring at the area between my armpits. Yes! Not having to hold down my chest while running. Yaaaassss! Laying comfortably on my stomach. Yaaassssss! Chest bumping painlessly with a fellow IBTC member. Yaaaaasssss!

There are days I do look into the mirror thinking how my breast just won’t let me be great though. I’ve also learned how to have a sense of humor.