Amber Rose Responds to Kodak Black, I Missed Her Point Though

Your opinion is wanted, your opinion is valued but unfortunately, it’s the minority.

I think Amber Rose missed the point in her response to Kodak Black’s dark skinned women comments–her response came off a bit shallow. Not only did she highlight her advantages as a light skinned women in the entertainment industry, but she victimized herself because she was treated differently than dark skin women.

She missed the point. If anything she should have used that moment to speak on how Kodak Black framed light skinned women to be more submissive. You explaining that you were bullied by dark skin girls as a child does not fit the context in which prompted you to respond to Kodak’s comments in the first place.

Newsflash: Skin complexion isn’t a choice at birth.

You can’t say let’s all ban together as women and support each other when the first part of your response positions dark skin girls as bullies. It contradicts your close out.
There’s a Kodak Black in every neighborhood, every city, every workplace, every corner. You may even have one in your family tree. As ludicrous as his logic may sound, it’s his own logic that will ruin his career. Personally, I don’t get offended when Black men make those type of comments because I understand it’s all preference. However, it doesn’t mean I agree all preferences should be made public. That’s where discernment comes into play.

It’s all about how you present your preference to the public. Kodak couldn’t present a well thought out preference if it was put together in PowerPoint. There is no addressing idiocracy. Kodak Black is so deep in his self-hatred there is no reason to even explain why he said what he said. He clearly states he doesn’t like his own skin complexion and reasons his “gutter” behavior is due to his dark skin. YOU CANNOT REASON WITH STUPIDITY. This is a person who hates his skin complexion so much he made it part of his stage name, the irony.

I like Amber, I really do. She appears to be a fun soul but she lost me when she said, “I can’t help I was born with light skin…”