My Thoughts on the Kenneka Jenkins Case

My Thoughts on the Kenneka Jenkins Case

I’m not going to discuss too many particulars of the Kenneka Jenkins case because I strongly suggest you do the research and form your own opinion. However, I will say stay away from “theory” videos. There is an unwarranted archive of theories to what actually happened to Kenneka from people who weren’t at that party nor the hotel that night, let alone in Chicago.

Form your own opinion and believe what you want to believe. Just be wary of those who have answers to an unsolved case that her own family and family’s legal team do not have themselves.

Today, Rosemont Police Department released surveillance footage of Kenneka wandering through the Crowne Plaza O’ Hare Hotel. The videos are snippets and don’t exactly show where she started. She’s seen popping up in random areas of the hotel in a very visible disoriented state. She’s stumbling over herself, almost no sense of direction, and most importantly alone. All areas Kenneka are seen in the time before she went missing are deserted.

Before I go any further, I work at a hotel. So yes, my opinion is based off my familiarity of a hotel layout and standard operating protocols, which differs from hotel-to-hotel, but is generally standard.

The day Kenneka’s mother, Tereasa Martin, received the phone call around 4 a.m. from Kenneka’s friends that her daughter was missing she arrived at the hotel shortly after. Instantly, she was met with resistance from the hotel. Quite understandable depending on the property’s SOP for missing person cases. Once police arrived on the scene, they didn’t alleviate much of the situational trauma but instead escalated the family’s fear. The hotel refused to let them back inside after a disturbance of peace call was made to the police.

The police didn’t formally declare Kenneka as a missing person until 1 p.m. that Saturday afternoon. Nearly 12 hours elapsed from the time Kenneka’s mother was made aware her daughter was missing.

Let’s speed things up. I promise I’m getting to my point. Shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday morning, Kenneka’s body was found in a walk-in freezer in the hotel’s kitchen. So, if she wasn’t declared a missing person until 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon, that adds an additional 12 hours. Now add that to when Kenneka’s mother first called police Saturday morning–this young lady never left that hotel.

Police told the family it was a “freak accident” and Kenneka was so intoxicated she walked into a freezer, got locked inside, and froze to death. Mind you, the police already told the family she was only seen on surveillance footage walking past the hotel front desk.

Which brings me to my close to my closing statements. I promise I’m getting there y’all. I want to interject and say this is why it’s important to read, listen, watch, and rationalize. Let evidence come out and then break it down.

My question is: why did it take so long to find her on surveillance footage? I’m going to wait to assess how she died for when the official autopsy is released. For now, I want to tackle why it took so long for security to watch a video and say, “She’s in the freezer.”

We can worry about whether her friends abandoned her or not another day because that regrettably won’t change the outcome. But what needs to be addressed with an ethical answer is the detainment of the surveillance footage prolonging the discovery of Kenneka’s whereabouts..

Even if it was a “freak accident”, the party was Friday night and her body was finally “discovered” in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Saturday is the gray. This case can be black and white if the party attendees are honest with the police and the police are honest with the family. Easy. This family can have peace much quicker and easier if Saturday wasn’t so gray.

The police have not even confirmed whether it was police or a hotel employee who found Kenneka’s body. That piece of information is actually really important because that can mean Kenneka was in an area that should have been closed off but was easily accessible to hotel guests.

The hotel told the family they needed a missing person’s report to have surveillance footage. If the police filed her as a missing person early Saturday afternoon, why did it still take that entire day to find her body? Why was her body found around 1 a.m., Sunday morning if the police had already been there since Saturday morning?? Did the police happen to stumble across her body in the freezer after the 10-hour search or did they deduce she was in the freezer after seeing her on camera walk inside and never leave out?

My point: When was surveillance footage watched in its entirety? 

Yes, there needs to be a subpoena to release video footage, but that doesn’t mean surveillance footage can’t be watched while on the property. The hotel didn’t have to give the family footage but she is on camera walking throughout the hotel in multiple areas–not just the lobby as the hotel initially told the family. This young woman’s body was in. the. freezer. the. entire. time. 

Due to that footage not watched for whatever reason as soon as it was brought to the hotel’s attention, it is actually possible she could have been alive when her family first got to the hotel or better yet, found Saturday versus Sunday. Imagine a mother going to hotel security and saying her toddler is missing. Surveillance footage is immediately the first step because you instantly fear a young defenseless child is in danger. Did the hotel and/or police not quickly react due to the severity level of the victim’s age? So it’s not a matter of why it wasn’t handed over, but what was the delay for simply looking at it?


What are your thoughts?




  1. Tiarrah

    15 September

    You mentioned some very very very good points. With the videoes being released the way they were, it’s very easy to immediately start pointing fingers. But now with a little more information and actual footage of her it makes it a little more clearer. I’m not sure how busy this hotel gets, but I find it odd that no one seen her nor tried to help her. Yet alone her friends not realizing she’s missing until it’s time to go home. I see what you’re saying though. Had the hotel cooperated like they actually cared, this mystery could have possibly saved her life. Not sure how long it takes to freeze to death. I hope this is a learning lesson for people who think getting wasted is having fun.

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