Why Do Men Follow You in Stores?

 Serious question.

First off, this isn’t a male bashing post. This is a bashing male behavior post. Big difference, big.
I want to thank the creepy, short, Mexican guy for following me in Ross. And yes I’m disclosing his race for storytelling effect. Not only did he chase me out of Ross, but my blogger-funk away as well. What has it been, 3 months? Thank you creepy stalker dude, thank you. Not only was I not going to tolerate being followed by a 3-foot man, but waiting in a long line to buy a pair of stockings and headbands was a NAH.
This brings me to the meat and potatoes of this post: Why do men follow you in stores? This is scary AF and needs to be addressed. This is why being a woman isn’t just nail polish and lipstick; being on alert while doing errands is an actual thing. See, there’s a difference in noticing someone’s checking you out to noticing when you walked from the home decor section to women’s apparel they tagged along. Then just to make sure you ain’t trippin, you walk to a random area to see if he follows you.
Not only are you f****** up my feng shui by staring at me, but you’re following my footsteps bruh.
The worse ones are those who try to be subtle but suck at subtly so from your peripheral you peep them staring. It’s disgusting and juvenile and needs to stop. There’s no need to tell me I’m overreacting or over-thinking. Unfortunately, as women, we’re taught at a young age to be aware of our surroundings to differentiate these occurrences.
It’s an uncomfortable feeling that those who never experienced it can relate. It makes you retreat back to the comfort of your home because your safety is the priority. It makes you want to walk up to the person and yell at them but you can’t because you have to remain calm. It’s not flirty or fun, it’s frightening. I’m not eye candy.
Have you ever been followed? Share your stories with me in the comments.


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