October 26, 2017

Tina Campbell Probably Needs Non-Trump Voters Support Now

tina campbell trump tour postpone

Tina, Tina, bo-bina,

Banana-fana fo-fina



You single handily caused your backlash sista girl. Nobody but you, nobody but you.

Back when trump “won” the election and was sworn into office in January 2017, Tina penned an open letter on her Facebook page in support of trump. I’ve included an excerpt of the aforementioned letter of gobbledygook below.

“I believe that no creed, nor color, nor class, nor status of people are better than the other, but we are all valuable; we are all necessary. I believe that all people and all lives matter, including that of Mr. Donald Trump and his family. I believe that the leaders of this nation should protect the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every single one of its citizens. And, I choose to believe that Mr. Donald Trump shares this same belief.”

The first sentence of this paragraph in no way, shape, or form parallels the nature of the current 45th president, which is why I find it very odd that Tina believed this to be true.

The third sentence of this paragraph can easily be debunked by the fact that part of 45’s presidential campaign was to build a wall that runs along the US and Mexico border roughly 1,900 miles long. (with money though?)

The third sentence of this paragraph is dispelled by the fact that just last year trump doubled-down on his willfully ignorant stance that the Central Park Five were guilty of a rape after being exonerated by DNA evidence (only after serving between seven to thirteen years for a crime they did not commit).

I can go on and on and on and on, but I won’t because the bottom line is: Tina Campbell played herself.

I won’t say someone voting for a particular person is stupid because obviously, you vote for someone based on your own personal reasons. However, I will say publicly announcing you voted for someone who was is a living and breathing controversy is stupid.

Prior to trump winning, he had been accused of sexual assault, recorded stating lewd remarks toward women to “grab them by the pussy”, notorious for not paying contractors for finished work, called Mexicans “rapists”, and evoked his supporters to get physical with those associated with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Google this shit, dammit. I’m not making it up. (Eventually, I’ll be #profanityfree y’all.)

So you can understand the criticism Tina subjected herself to when she decided it would be a good idea to make it public information she voted for this guy. Her downfall was inevitable when she went on The Real with her sister, Erica Campbell—one half of gospel duo, Mary Mary—and had the nerve to get sassy with the naysayers who simply made a judgment off her poor judgment. You can’t bite the hand of those who have been building and supporting your career for decades. For you to turn around and say you have no time to give anyone who has an opinion on your voting right is preposterous because time needs to be made.

My issue is not with her vote, but the delivery. I’m not going to argue against her vote because the president is the president  and elections are over, but for you to use your Christianity as a link between you and someone who appears to be the antithesis of Christianity because felt you had to exercise your right to vote for someone who wasn’t widely viewed religious BEFORE they ran for presidency? I can’t get jiggy with that.

She stated she and trump share a commonality based on faith. Name one? Name a single Christian commonality that man campaigned for that followed the teachings of Jesus.

I find it odd that someone would favor conservatism over economic infrastructure simply because they worship the same God. This is exactly why politics and religion don’t need to mix because as humans we’re too easily persuaded by self-interests.

So, it didn’t surprise me when Tina uploaded a statement to her Instagram page announcing her tour was postponed due to low ticket sales.

The nerve to be whining about low ticket sells that you inadvertently caused. Bye Felicia and hello copper head Thugnificent.

There’s a difference in being an undercover trump supporter and an overt trump supporter and with Tina being the latter it was naive of her to think that would have been easily brushed over by the Black community.  At this point, she shares a major side eye with the owner of a California diner who admitted to buying Popeyes chicken and reselling it as if it was plucked, seasoned, battered and fried at the actual restaurant. Then got sassy with the customer who reviewed her restaurant and called them out. (is Popeyes taking legal action for this deception though?)

Let this be a lesson to both these women: There is no future in fronting.

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