10 Things I Will Be Doing Instead Of Watching The Super Bowl

Not only did my 2018 start off kind of shitty, but the first day of Black History Month (BHM) started off shitty too. Why? Some feeble ass driver scrapped up my car and left the scene before I could give their ass a good and well deserved cussing out.

But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to discuss this year’s Super Bowl LII (56). This year teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. I’m rooting for the Eagles because something just tells me they have the least amount of trump supporters than the Patriots.

Not only is BHM overshadowed by men running around on a field catching/throwing/kicking a ball, but that’s all this country talks about leading up to February. I do think a way we can compromise is moving forward Super Bowl Performers half-time performers be Black, except on leap years. Boom shaka laka, boom shaka laka, everything in shaka, everything in faka.

whitney houston bobby brown black history month

All in all, I won’t be watching and here are 10 things I will be doing instead because you know I don’t care for sports and shit.

  1. Creating my podcast – Stay tuned.
  2. Picking out an outfit to wear to watch the Black Panther movie – Should I make a Pinterest board???
  3. Blogging about how I’m not watching the Super Bowl – Still ain’t.
  4. Scrolling through IG – It’s actually not hard to get lost on IG and end up on the page of a Russian doll maker who creates handmade dolls from the antebellum era.
  5. Doing my hair – The way my hair care regimen is set up, Super Bowl Sunday falls on a wash day and I need that whole day.
  6. Watching a Dorothy Dandridge film – My love for that beautiful Black queen is real. She actually inspired my blog btw.
  7. Updating my coupon collection – Yea, I decided now is best the time ever to get back to the fun of couponing.
  8. Watching Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce’s pasts Super Bowl halftime performances. – I shall call it the Trilogy.
  9. Filing my taxes – I get it Turbo Tax but I don’t need the fiftyleven emails.
  10. Napping – this may happen before, during, or after filing my taxes.

I actually did end up making a Pinterest board for Black Panther Movie outfit ideas that you can view here.