Type 4 Natural Hair Youtube Gurus To Know

The other day I watched a natural hair Youtuber how-to video and momentarily became bedazzled by her type 3A hair. I started saying aloud to myself, “Why can’t my hair just look like THAT?!”

Sometimes I get in these moments where I wish my hair wasn’t my hair. I guess growing up in a community where good hair looked like Chili from TLC and bad hair looked like Celie and you had the Celie it wasn’t easy for a little Black girl to love the bad when it didn’t look good. Although I’ve been natural going on 9 years, I still have setbacks.

So this post is to remind ME and YOU that type 4 natural hair is beautiful and desired.


It’s thick as hell – Do you know how many times I’ve taken a section of my hair and thought if I chopped it off I could only FEEL the difference.

It has body – Due to the thicknicity (yea that’s a word) of type 4 hair body is just an added bonus. Yes, we do a little extra fluff here and there but you don’t need half the tools everyone else uses to get that body and definition. It already has baaawwwddyyy boo.

I’ve round up 14–yes FOURTEEN–type 4 natural hair Youtube channels and Instagram profiles you NEED in your life.

Found on Youtube (all clickable)

Found on Instagram (all clickable)

I’m not going to get into the specific reason I’m following each of these ladies besides the fact they have type 4 hair and I like their content. Some of these ladies I’ve been subscribed to and following for years (Naptural85) and some not as long. There are so many more type 4 natural hair Youtubers, bloggers, and social media influencers out there but these are just the ones I’ve come across. Overall, I only like to follow/subscribe to hair influencers/Youtubers whose hair type is similar to mines b/c it just makes sense. When you watch people who resemble you in some type of way–hair in this case–it allows for you to see yourself the way you’re meant to be seen. It’s the same philosophy I have for WOC makeup channels.

Are there any staple products that have worked wonders for your type 4 natural hair? I need new products.