Episode 13: Interview with Tarree Douglass-Templet...

Episode 13: Interview with Tarree Douglass-Templeton

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It’s time to get clear. In this episode I chat with author of “The Northcotts” and the “Black Royale” series Tarree Douglass-Templeton. Read my first interview with him here.

We talk about the writing process for his new book, “Black Royale 2: The Tides of Tomorrow” (buy it here on Amazon), the inspiration behind his writing, and being prideful of your community and heritage. We also touch on a few current event topics like the straight pride parade and “When They See Us”.

You can find Tarree’s book series here at Amazon. Keep up with Tarree on his Facebook and make sure to follow him on IG @tdouglasstempletonmd

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