I Started a Media Job Board

Okay here’s the real tea.

I’ve been job searching for a long, long, LONG time and at some point, it starts to get draining. Then you began to dread it. It’s a constant repeat of the same shit different day cycle. So, I got the idea to do something about it and God put it on my mind to start a job board to help people have an easier time on his/her job search.

So, let me give you the rundown of what exactly I am trying to do.

I named this job board Thanks But No Thanks as a gesture to the multitude of job rejection emails I’ve received over the past few years. Job rejection emails are just a polite way of saying, thanks for applying but no thanks on your application. It’s very hard to handle getting turned down for jobs when that’s the constant and you find yourself surrendering to that reality as a truth: I ever get the job I want? It can be depressing AF. AF.

TBNT takes that struggle and turns into a hobby of service while offering a piece of peace.

I have a degree in journalism and that’s where my passion lies; so, it only made sense to focus on that niche when it came down to creating a newsletter aka content. To ease into starting a digital newsletter from scratch and learning email marketing it will run bi-weekly. In addition to providing links to media jobs, it’ll also include articles that can help cope with the stress of job searching. Yes, job searching is hella stressful and can send one over the edge. I understand that, which is why I got the idea to help people.

It’s super easy to subscribe. All you gotta do is click this link (yes the word link) and click SUBSCRIBE. I know it’s repetitive to scroll through job boards like Indeed, Monster, and Linkedin.