I Posted to Instagram Every Day ​for a Week

Listen, you may think this is not a big deal but it is to me! I’m gonna recap my week-long Instagram experiment and what it actually means to brainstorm, source, create, schedule, and post to Instagram every day.

Real talk: From the beginning of social-networking-websites time, I’ve never figured out how to be cyber popular. I’m old enough to remember tagged.com; yet, young enough to still enjoy an occasional episode of Totally Spies.

totally spies gif

I never reached my tagged.com goals with those damn label squares. Only one of my Tumblr posts went viral. I envied the Myspacers who had an overflow of friends. My Twitter followers went stagnant around 400. My last few Facebook posts got a couple of likes. So yeah, if we’re being honest—because MDK is a safe space—there is a formula to cyber popularity, but it’s just more technical today than it was 10 years ago. Before the days of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest there were only a handful of major social networking websites available only on a DESKTOP computer—this app shit didn’t exist. 

As I got older, the less I started to actively engage with my social media profiles and accepted that I would never crack the code. Eventually, I got to a point where I would go months without posting anything at all anywhere. However, my blog—yes this blog you’re reading—reminded me that I should care about social media for branding purposes. So, I got the idea to challenge myself to post everyday for a week to see if I had it in me. My goal was to just do something I was too lazy to do and stick with it for a week. It didn’t hurt that my impressions, engagement, and followers grew. I had now seen the light. So here’s how I did it.

Source Instagram Content

Whew chile, this was the worst part. I had to dig way back in my photo album to pull pictures of me (btdubs, I hate posting pics of myself but I’m getting better). I also checked out IG pages of fellow bloggers/podcasters who I really liked to get a feel of their aesthetic. Once I got an idea of the content I wanted to post I planned it out.

Plan Your Instagram Content

After compiling all the content I wanted to post for the week, I planned which days I would post what. I did this using an Instagram layout editor app (Preview, loves it) to make sure the aesthetic I was going for (bright, clear, colorful) was well balanced. I also checked my insights to see which times were popular for the day to post.

Schedule Your Content

Like I previously mentioned, I used the Preview app to layout and schedule posts. It has a great feature to find hashtags and make collections for ones you use all the time.

Use Content Related Hashtags

You need to try and be about that #hashtaglife if you’re going to use hashtags, and yes it’s okay to overkill hashtags when it’s for Da Gram. Hashtags are how other users find pages/posts. The more you use hashtags the better it increases your visibility.

Engage With Other’s Content

Hold up wait a minute. You thought I was finished? Nah brah, it’s more. Listen, you can learn a lot in a week. Instagram ain’t no set it and forget it type of app. If you want to be engaged with, you got to engage too. That means you have to not just double-tap but COMMENT on posts that aren’t yours. It also helps if you follow hashtags you use and comment as the posts show up on your newsfeed. Follow people who follow you. Extra points for commenting back to comments on your posts. (This tip came from a marketing support group chat. They’re the plug)

Be Consistent with Content

Consistency is key and once you got a steady pace going don’t disrupt it. Even if you’re late posting, try not to miss the day. Keep the content alive and your page active so your new followers see you publish quantity with quality. 

I will be doing another challenge and hopefully I get to the point where I have a whole MONTH planned out. But baby steps ya feels me. I hope these five tips help you out and you see a growth on your IG profile. Maybe you want to do this challenge with me and share your results and tips.