Issa Rae Invests in Angela Benton’s Tech Company S...

Issa Rae Invests in Angela Benton’s Tech Company Streamlytics


Yes, Issa Rae is rooting for everybody black and we’re rooting for her.

You got to love when Black women link up to dominate a field that has a low melanin concentration. Today’s subject is the tech industry.

In case you are like me and only have an interest in technology when it is ready to be premiered to consumers, you’re a bit unsure of what exactly Issa having a stake in a tech startup really means. Well, let’s first look at what it means to have a stake in a company to fully appreciate Issa going all techie on us investing in streaming data service, Streamlytics.

What is stake and how does one stake?

Steaks are good and stakes are good, but I’m sure by the spelling you know the difference right. Right??????

To make it very simple and clear: to have a stake in a company describes the amount of equity (stake) ownership. In learning more about stake, I came across the very big distinction between a stakeholder and shareholder, which helps better explain the significance in Issa’s stake in Streamlytics.

Issa is a stakeholder, but so are you. You see, stakeholders can be customers, vendors, owners and even employees who have a vested interest in a business but don’t necessarily own it. Whereas, a shareholder benefits directly as a business earns profits as a part owner. In this case, Issa has a minority stake in Streamlytics that falls below 50% ownership. 

Now we don’t want to get all up in Issa’s pockets because I’m sure she’s counting her coins, but investing in a tech startup is a great way for Issa to diversify her portfolio and get hands-on experience in investments. Oftentimes, minority shareholders play a small role in a company. However, entrepreneur and owner, Angela Benton, is excited to have Issa on the team as an owner.

So what exactly is Streamlytics?

I’m not that versed in the tech game, but I did my research and read quite a few articles to understand just what Streamlytics is, so I think I got it. Here goes…

You know (or heard) how companies/agencies collect users’ data to sell or use to have insight into consumers’ online activity. Well, if you ain’t know now ya know. Streamlytics wants to put consumers in the game by making it more transparent for consumers to own their data and make a profit. Streamlytics use consumer-facing applications (think technology with direct consumer interaction) to collect data from users and get paid a flat fee by data amount. Whew, I think I did okay explaining that. 

So what do you think? Has this sparked an interest for you to look into selling your data with Angela’s apps? Are you now considering investing your money somewhere?

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