Honey Pot Ad Called “racist” Results in Increase Sales

Here’s what I really wanted to call this article: Haters Just Helped Honey Pot Owner Make More Money By Increasing Sales Over “Racist Ad”

Have you ever heard of a brand called Honey Pot? Well, if you haven’t Honey Pot Co is a natural and organic feminine care line that specializes in feminine hygiene products such as tampons, pads, wipes, and all other things to take care of what’s down there.

You want to know how crazy life can be? In 1957, Mary Beatrice Davidson-Kenner was the first woman & Black women to patent an adjustable belt with a moisture-proof sanitary napkin pocket. Then in 2012, a Black woman named Beatrice creates the first plant-based feminine care line.

But this isn’t a post to tell you what The Honey Pot sells and how to purchase its products. Instead, I am here to simply (maybe briefly depending on how riled up I get) discuss what happens when calling something racist that isn’t racist can inadvertently help the alleged “racist” win. And just to help you better understand that although I am a Black woman—like the owner & creator of The Honey Pot—my support of Honey Pot Co is rooted in the fact I am a Black woman, not a woman who happens to be Black. 

The Honey Pot like any other business with marketing goals has a marketing strategy. And unlike many other businesses in its lane, products are sold at Target aka Targé (Walmart, CVS, Whole Foods plus many more). Recently The Honey Pot, rolled out it’s first Target commercial featuring the owner, Bea Dixon, who expressed the importance of her business succeeding at Target so the next Black woman business owner can “have a better opportunity”. Matter of fact watch the 30 second video for yourself so we can be caught up together.

But what exactly made this commercial “racist” as critics claim who flooded her Trust Pilot page with so many negative reviews it was temporarily suspended (it’s still being investigated)?

This sentence hea’:

“The reason it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well so the next Black girl that comes up with a great idea, she could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me.”

Bea Dixon

How dare she? How dare she want her business to be so successful that it opens the door for major retailers like Target to pay attention to black and brown business owners—women in particular. Who does this women who created natural tampons and pads free from chemicals and ingredients we can’t pronounce because she struggled with bacterial vaginosis like millions of females do a year think the fuck she is. Obviously she’s a racist who only cares about her vagina because why else would she make a product line targeted to women for them to take care of their own lady parts. 

Do you have 15 minutes to spare? Of course you do because you already spent an hour scrolling through IG today. Watch this video of Bea on The Breakfast Club discuss the aftermath from her commercial.

I’m not posting her Breakfast Club interview solely because of her response to the negativity. I’m posting the interview because of the truth and knowledge she dropped, which I believe need to be shared because it needs to be heard. Bea spent more time talking about venture capital, black wealth, and starting a business that it was pretty obvious the least of her worries was addressing all the negative (and probably fake) reviews. She even said this was all part of God’s plan. The attention The Honey Pot received not only activated supporters to flood Trust Pilot with 5-star reviews, but it also caused people to learn about herbal feminine care products and become new customers. The website is pretty much sold out. Thanks haters! How you try to tear somebody down but help them make money? How Sway?! 

But let me get serious: I think it’s more so the fact the founder and owner of The Honey Pot is a Black woman that bothers people more than her wanting other Black girls to have an easier opportunity to sell in Target. The Honey Pot being sold in Target is a result of Target’s diversity initiative. Target putting Bea in its commercial is not because the company wanted to be cutting-edge but to highlight Black business owners. Where things are more black, people feel less comfortable with it being less white. And The Honey Pot is not alone, check out this list of many other Black-owned businesses sold at Target.

If we’re calling a spade a spade and are all grown here, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say white people (I’m guessing woman) were insulted the most by The Honey Pot commercial. And that’s not to say all white people were offended because that’s a huge assumption. People get offended for two reasons: 1) they were left out and 2) they were targeted. In this particular situation, there is a group of people who feel offended for both reasons.

Once the words “next Black girl” came out of Bea’s mouth that’s all the haters heard, which is why they declare they’re targets of racial discrimination because of exclusion. This is how you can see through the bullshit in situations like this. The Honey Pot sells products for the vagina and menstruation. Damn, I just realized the word “men” is in menstruation. Men always gotta be in involved in some shit. But back to what I was saying though…

This wasn’t a commercial for natural hair, Black skin, nor for women who are size 4, but for vaginas. If you see a problem with that, then maybe you’re the problem.