Here’s The Thing About George Floyd and Other Police Shooting Victims

There are people who like being Black by association. You procreate with Black bodies to create an aesthetic pedigree. You like us around to hype up the party. You feel a bit safer in unknown territories. You look to us for the latest trends. You expect us to be the source of your entertainment. You consider yourself a bit more liberal because you have X amount of Black “friends”.  You reap the luxury of Blackness merely through association.

Black & brown people don’t get to pick and choose when they want to live life on the edge. We’re always there at the edge. Maybe we were pushed there due to systematic racism or we voluntarily went there on our own (because ya know history). Either, way we’re there and have been there for centuries. This explains why we can be so sensitive to matters that could result in us being pushed over the edge

George Floyd won’t be the last, but he could be. Sean Bell could have been. DJ Henry could have been. Tamir Rice (my God) could have been. Oscar Grant could have been. Rekia Boyd could have been. Amadou Diallo could have been. Sandra Bland could have been. The list LITERALLY can go on and on

Remember Justine Ruszczyk-Damond? Yes, the white woman killed by an on-duty Black Muslim police officer. It happened in Minneapolis a couple of years ago. The officer who shot her was charged and convicted of murder and manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in prison. This might have been the justice Justine’s family sought, but it just confirmed the belief that there are imbalanced standards for Black officers and white officers. Minnesota is also where Philando Castile was murdered by police.

Now Minneapolis is a burning city. While I don’t necessarily agree with looting, you do see that a police department will let their city be destroyed with damages worth millions than charge an officer(s) for what would be considered police brutality right? You do understand that a county attorney’s job in cases like this is to prove the suspect/victim had criminal intentions which would justify the officer’s behavior right???

Being Black by association is cool until shit hits the fan. Then the disassociation begins and you become selective on the type of association you want to have when it’s most fitting for you. 

I have not watched the video of George Floyd yet because I literally watched a video of a young Black man drowning the day before (we got to work on knowing when to STOP recording). I still haven’t watched the full video of Ahmaud Arbery because I can legit put the faces of my male family and friends on his body. 

Can you imagine George discussing Ahmaud Arbery for him to literally become the next hashtag? My God. Can you imagine Ahmaud discussion Jean Botham for him to become the next hashtag. This shit is real. Black and brown people are not choosing whether they want policy accountability (this can be anything) or the ending of Black and brown unarmed (and minding their business) victims. We want all that shit and everything in between.

Oh and please don’t say anything about “black on black crime”. Black suspects go to jail. Around the time the world was put on about Ahmaud Arbery, Calvin Munerlyn, a Family Dollar security guard, was killed for nothing but doing his job. The 4 BLACK suspects have all been arrested. Trust and believe that if the Black community could shake this non-snitching code and fear of retaliation a lot more murder cases would be solved. 

Okay I’m done.