Melaninated Kay

Melaninated? What is it?

If I’m not really acting on change, I’m thinking about what changes need to happen. From when MDK was first conceived, I continuously changed my logo, colors, content, and tagline. When I started to include “opinion” in my tag line I felt I was on to something that could stick and I had to stop and concentrate on the meaning of MDK. What do I like to write about? What do I like to voice my opinion on and from there Educated. was added. At that point I was Educated & Opinionated. Then it went through another change. At the time of my first MDK blog (before it was deleted, read about that here) I looked over to my “About Me” section and saw melanin and my tagline became full circle: “Melaninated. Educated. Opinionated.”

I wanted to not give a fuck about how to make my blog stand out but instead how I wanted to take a stand. I wanted to figure out another way to say “I’m black” and that’s what I’m doing with Melaninated. The stories I talk about in Melaninated are the failures and triumphs of being black. I want to change the conversation around the word black and get people talking about what it really means to have melanin.