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Who’s the Kay behind “Modern Day Kay”?

I feel like a quickie self-interview will cover all the main points.

What’s your real name?

Kayla. The best name ever, just rolls off the tongue. Kaaaayyyylllllaaaa.



Is this your first blog?

Nope. My first blog was called “Capital with a Kay” (get it) where I blogged daily about my intern experience in D.C. in 2013. Best experience ever. Then I started a blog shortly after under the name “Modern Day Carmen Jones” to later drop Carmen Jones and replace with “Kay”. Technically this is my second MDK blog; a long story I detail here.

How did you come up with your blog name?

I watched the original Carmen Jones film starring Dorothy Dandridge and just felt her character was my alter ego; she was perfect. When I considered to become a “professional blogger” I knew for legal reasons I had to drop the Carmen Jones and brand my own name, not a character. MDK just came unexpectedly and whoop there it is.

Why blog?

I mean why not. I went to school for journalism and it was the only major I could fuse passion with career. I truly enjoy writing, always have. I would find myself having so much to say to invinsible ears. I wanted a space to capture my thoughts. Blogging is something anyone can do but I do this for myself. When I first started blogged I was focused on doing what everyone else was doing but MDK is for me. It’s therapeutic.

You know you best, describe your personality.

Geez. I’m perfectly imperfect. Sounds cliche as fuck but it’s the truth. To perfect imperfection is to accept who you are. When you accept you aren’t perfect and your faults make you, you, you can start the journey to be your best representation. For instance, I’m a huge procrastinator and on the other hand I’m a low-key perfectionist. How can a procrastinating perfectionist get shit done? You find a way! When MySpace was poppin’ I had a “I’m perfectly imperfect” profile that became my permanent profile, it was hot shit.

C’mon, we know you got a life motto, what is it?

Be loyal to the Lord, firm in faith and dedicated to your dreams!

Anything else?

I write what I want.

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