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Transparency Podcast

Transparency Podcast: Don’t Let Enemies Break You

In episode 6 of Transparency Podcast, I get real transparent on the topic of enemies at the workplace. Currently, at work, I'm dealing with management who don't personally like me that they blatantly disciplined me to teach me a lesson. When you come across people like that in life, you understand the importance of staying prayed up and handing over your battles to
Transparency Podcast

Transparency Podcast: Megyn Kelly Said What…

And another one! In episode five of "Transparency", Modern Day Kay talks about the recent controversy surrounding Megyn Kelly and the remarks she made on her morning talk show discussing offensive racial Halloween costumes. The next day, Megyn apologized and brought on media commentators of color to discuss the history of blackface and minstrel shows. Through teary eyes, Megyn apologized to all who were offended, but was it enough? So press play to hear my breakdown of whether this Black girl believes Megyn's comments were racist or just a poor choice of words and if NBC letting her go is justified.  

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Transparency Podcast

Transparency Podcast: I Was Suspended From Work Because of My Hair

In episode 4 of Transparency Podcast, I discuss what happened when I was written up and suspended because of an "inappropriate" hairstyle. I also dig deeper in talking about working for corporate America and how I define it to fit my reality as a Black woman and how our identity is tied to our hair sacrificing that to work in corporate America.  abc